The Resurrection E​.​P.

by Rahat

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released February 21, 2011

Production by
Sinima Beats, Andrew Lloyd, DJ SOS, Diamond Stylez, and Rahat

Vocals by
Rahat and Dame Sk3tch

Lyrics written by,
Rahat, Dame Sk3tch, and Sinima Beats

Engineered by J Soundz at the The Ebony Lounge and by Issac at Arizma Studios.

Artwork by CM.




Rahat Bronx, New York

Born in Bangladesh and raised in the Bronx, Rahat is a hip hop artist who firmly believes in controlling the fate of his own music by serving as a one man army to promote himself and manage his own career.

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Track Name: Here We Go
Everybody up here it is here we go
Everytime I'm rhyming all they say is "oh!"
Let's rock to the beat
Rock to the Flow
Come on and get up
Let's Rock the sow x2

this is how it starts this is where we begin
i could start preachin right now or start living in sin
one way i'm borin the other way i'm just fake
a predicemint every artist is forced to face
i cud sugercoat my life say i'm a thug and i'd kill ya
or inspire u to stand up stand tall now will ya?
i cudda done the autotune been another tpain
jay said he killed it but shit its still bein played
so ill just do what i do flowin true with my groove
and dude what i'll proove is that your souls will all move
to the sounds i caress with the inflection of my voice
i'm a demon whos possesed the sounds of your choice
you feel it i molest your songs while i void
every single opposition to me and my points
but fuck for now get up and come look
i'm the life of the party so enjoy this hook (it goes)

throw em up if u feelin it of course i'm killing it
and while i'm singing this its the the hype that i'm bringin in
that pussy shit is full of shit come on stop pullin it
you a pussy i am pushin in my music is the wooden bit
penetrate your ears though coming in airwaves
riding with no gloves shit is raw i dare say
i planted my seeds now they're fertile they grow
i'm estoerically speaking who are they? they know
but look i'm jsut doing this how it was meant to be
i'm sending it to you the way it was sent to me
I don't need a stupid dance a beat of trance or tight pants
i don't care what they want won't interfere with my plans
My artistry's a part of me like my insides and arteries
thats why it won't be sold no my soul's not for bartering
stand up and from the front to the back to the middle of the crowd
sing it with me sing it soft or stand out sing it loud (it goes)

So everybody up bob your head to the beat
Get up on your feet this ain't the time to be discreet
Every corner from New york to cali and beyond
And every block we rocking tell em all to put us on x2
Track Name: For the Light
For the light

Now Every time I think of you/
I think of all we been through too/
Yea I remember all the times you hugged me/
Held me and just told me you loved me you...
When you died a peice of me faded out staright to nothing/
I hold on to memories it's all I got yea that one thing/
I remember the comfort your touch and voice once gave me/
Your guidance more than once came along just to save me/
I'm crazy from missing you from longing for you here jezzie/
I miss you I love you I just can't beleive you left me/
It's been a couple years and I'm here still greiving/
Can't let you rest in peace cuz I don't want you gone or leaving/
My soul is screaming sccreeching and while I'm driving throuugh this fucking night/
All I think about is seeing you I'm heading for the light/
Sometimes I want to end it just to hear you sing again/
And my dreams wouldn't be the only place we met but then/
I think of everybody here with a hand still on my shoulder/
They stick around and make sure I don't grow colder as I grow older/

Been told so many times to look at what I got not what I don't/
But I'm selfish I'm stuborn I just keep saying that I won't/
Now rahat why the fuck do you just do this to yourself/
What would jezzie and angel do to you for falling into your hell/
They dont want you reaching for them until you lived your live/
So grab the mic and tell their stories and stop driving through the night/
Just stay home and look around at who you'd leave behind/
How could you ever for a second think they wouldn't mind/
Te am pero no es el tiempo para que vengas/
el te ama pero no es el tiempo para que tu vengas/
But jezzie I hate it sometimes the way I miss you hurts/
Rahat I showed you something one time when you were about to burst/
I showed you who you had who was there who would help you up/
I had thought when I left their help would have been enough/
If you just stopped and went to them even for a minute/
You wouldn't be in hell or driving to the light you'd be in it/

And every time I think I just can't take another fucking day/
I here their voices I hear the words that tell me stay/
Mun and radi, hasibul nadi/
It's just those voices that cone stop me/
Jean and mo I hear em so I need to slow/
Keep a steady flow/
They're the reasons I charge ahead/
Who pick me up when I'm filled with dread/
The lights that i head for when I'm driving alone/
The feelings of hope i syphon I know/
Jezzie's light can wait angels light can wait/
I'll grab em someday but for now I'll just except that this is fate
Track Name: Let Em Know
better watch out your in the eye of the storm
a fury greater than hell or a bitch whos been scorned
in the mind of a sick sadistic cryptic bastard
hanging over you like you witless shitless and plastard
i'm a hazard but no warning was ever prepared
for my sandstorm so no one thought they'd have to be scared
they just though i'd come and go like a quickie but no
watch me fuck the game up and then top it oh
i picked up the rhythm and rocked it so
you better except it is just a shocking flow
from rahat of all pple once timid and feeble
no longer just wrapped in a position thats fetal
fuck these hip hop idols ama just rip em down
kinda like abraham ama just get em out
these are my messages this is how i set em so
gather everyone around and make sure that u let em know

so i'm slowly coming up like i'm i'm lying on my back
spittin on every hat kick and snare on this track
i'm amazing i don't need a blackberry to spit
damn was that the new way to freestyle and shit
then there's some of u who claim to be lyricists
but got ghostwriters to help keep up those appearances
and look at me i'm just a nerd but i will make the scene
i'll spit it to your face so cover it like maybelline
everything you hear is strictly my tallent
some people claim the same but na you really haven't
this new music out i know i'm not feeling it
been a while since someone on the radio was killin it
the movement of the underground start with a sandstorm
it'll kick up the winds rip you away from the bland norm
need some thoughts let out get ready yell em yo
gather eeryone around and make sure that u let em know

so what exactly should you know?
after hearing my flow?
its the fact someday i'll be everywhere you go
a household name yes remember the name
Emcrak or Rahat its all the same
i'm about to come out whip out some hits this year
the beggining of a legend of the greatness you'll hear
for decades to come its what what i'm here to let you know
that this little brown nerd will not stop the flow
so this is here it is i'm going all out
i'm here to let you know i will never fall out
i willl keep my position
so make sure that you listen and that you ain't missing
every track that i'm blessing with my soul
yes yes that is what you should know
i'll say it again this is what you should know
these are my messages and this is how i set em so
gather all those motherfuckers and make sure that you let em know